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Land Clearing And Restoration In Washington County And Surrounding Areas

RZ Earthworx provides high-quality land work in Brenham, Texas and the rest of Washington County. We offer a wide variety of services to enhance the value and aesthetics of your property.

While we are based out of Washington County, Texas, we believe all of our neighbors deserve a chance to experience the difference that we can bring to their property. Our reach extends to Austin, Fayette, Waller, and Brazos counties. The many properties in this area often need time and cultivation to look the best they can. 

We established RZ Earthworx after discovering a need for property enhancement in the Washington County area. Our goal is to provide exceptional land services to our clients, no matter the size or complexity of their projects. To achieve this, we offer complimentary consultations to understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions possible. We have a team of experienced professionals who are equipped to handle any job with precision and efficiency. Let us take care of all our your land service needs.

RZ Focus And Mission

RZ Earthworx is on a mission to improve the quality of land in Brenham, Texas. Our terrain team is comprised of individuals with construction training and experience. We can quickly and expertly take care of the issues you may be facing with your property.  

We exude professionalism and punctuality. We respect your time and make it a point to arrive to your property on time. Safety measures and precautions are always followed. We do not risk the safety of our team or your family while working on your property. 

RZ Earthworx is fully insured to give you that peace of mind.  

RZ Family Values

 We are a small, family-owned company. Our family works hard to cultivate your land and get it looking how you want. Your project is very important to us.

RZ Earthworx Services And Objectives

We can build a pond or repair your current one for livestock or aesthetic purposes. We solve your water drainage problem, control erosion, clear land, smooth roads, build pads for barns or other outer buildings, and complete excavations.

Road drainage with a truck and tractor in the background
Water Worx

We are skilled in rerouting water paths to improve the drainage on your property. We create a new path for the water to drain, and fill in the dips and ditches to eliminate water build-up through the previous course. We can regrade your terrain to improve drainage and eliminate water buildup. Water buildup can be dangerous, especially if it is too close to your house or any other building. Water buildup causes foundational problems, so we hope to eliminate that potential issue by filling in paths and pockets where water likes to collect, and we create a new path to lead it away from buildings.

Dirt Worx

We provide erosion control and can relocate dirt. Erosion happens naturally over time. Washington County and Brenham receive a moderate amount of precipitation year-round, and water is the number one cause of erosion. We can help prevent this problem in various ways, and we will talk you through each potential solution and help you decide what the best course of action is.

Pond in the background with a bobcat tractor in the foreground
Pond Worx

RZ has the equipment and skills needed to build a pond on your property. We can build one from scratch or repair your current pond. Ponds are not immune to erosion problems, but we can implement preventative measures. We build all scales of ponds. If you want a small pond or tank for livestock or a large pond for aesthetic purposes, we will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Road Worx and Building Pads

We can smooth over rough and patchy areas of roads. Whether you have a dirt road on your property or you need a road to be built, we can make sure you can access all parts of your property. Our skilled family team has a lot of experience and can offer advice regarding the services your land needs. We can also lay the groundwork for a building on your property with our building pads. These concrete pads are suitable for many different types of buildings from barns and outdoor structures to houses.

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Susan Crawford
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Thank you, RZ Earthworx! We are thrilled with the work Robert completed for us! After we contacted Robert, he came out to the property and knew exactly what we needed done with dirt and culvert work around our pond. He sent an estimate the next day that we were happy with, and within a week the work was completed. It was a fair price, the work was professionally done, and we are 100% satisfied. After several years of being told the project was too big, too small, too difficult to get to, or they didn’t have the right equipment, we were thrilled with Robert’s enthusiasm and knowledge. He communicated with us throughout the process, and there were no surprises. We highly recommend RZ Earthworx!
Jana Huffman
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I called Earthworks and Robert answered immediately. Scheduling an appointment and getting him on site was a breeze. When he got here, he was courteous and informative about the services he could provide (without being pushy or trying to tack on services I didn't need). This particular project was a new area for me and Robert and Earthworks were supportive the entire way - so much so that we immediately hired Earthworks to grade other problem areas on the property, and the grading is working like magic. No more mud and standing puddles during big rains. A small local business we are more than happy to support again and again; call Earthworks, you won't be disappointed!
BMB Classic
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I was very pleased with the effort by Robert to handle my drainage issues with creative solutions at a fair price.
Troy Hood
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Prompt, professional, and reliable. House demolition was done on spec, on time, and on budget. No surprises and no drama. Boring contractors are good contractors in my book. Highly recommended.

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Our RZ Earthworx family team is dedicated to you and your property. We have a wide array of services that we are ready to help you with, and we will offer our expert advice to help you. Whether you need help with a current issue or if you would like to begin a new project, RZ Earthworx is here to help get the job done. If you are in the Washington Country area, call RZ Earthworx for all your land enhancement projects.