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We are a family-owned and operated company. Brenham, Texas, is our home and we love our town. Part of our drive and passion for land construction comes from our love for Brenham, TX, and beyond. We want to help our neighbors in Washington, Austin, Fayette, Waller, and Brazos Counties with their land needs.

If you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your land, we can complete a wide variety of projects to get your land looking better than ever before. Beyond the general look of your property, if you need to increase the functionality of your land, we can help. 

How Can RZ Earthworx Improve The Value And Functionality Of Your Land?

Washington County is home to us just as it is to you. Many people have the drive to improve their quality of life by improving where they live. The idea of improving the place we live looks different to all of us, but we can help you achieve exactly what you want on your property. 

We offer our full scope of services to all who live within a 75-mile radius of Washington County and beyond.

Brenham, Texas Land Enhancement

Washington County Land Clearing And Pond Expansion

The RZ Earthworx family team is ready to fire up the land clearing equipment to complete your project. We can tackle large clearing projects and small ones, whatever size area you want to be cleared. We can also work around the objects you want to keep. We can carefully go around fences so as not to damage them, or we can remove them altogether if you need to clear them out prior to replacing the fence.

If there is a beautiful, large tree you would like to clear brush out from underneath to make more visible, we can carefully work around it to clear brush and brambles away while leaving the tree.

sign that says "Welcome to Brenham Texas"

Brenham, Texas

Brenham is a picturesque town located midway between Austin and Houston that greatly benefits from the land-enhancing services we offer. This small town in Washington County is full of beautiful grassy fields, rolling hills, bluebonnets and plenty of strong oak trees.

As beautiful as these fields can be, it takes work and cultivation to maintain their beauty. Without keeping the land and fields under control, the rough underbrush can quickly take over. Prevent this from happening in your own backyard with RZ Earthworx. We will haul out our machinery to gain control over the unruly property.

Brenham is also home to Blue Bell Creameries. That delicious ice cream comes from dairy cows and these cows need lots of land and ponds to live on and drink from. The Blue Bell farmers aren’t the only farmers with cattle on their property. If you have livestock on your property, it is time to dig a pond for them. Texas heat is no joke, so it is important to make sure they are well watered and have a place to get away from the heat. 

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From Our Family To Your Family

Our family crew is here for your next property enhancement project. We are a new company, but not new to the trade. We have lots of experience to draw from and each new property we work on teaches us something new. 

We operate our entire business with our own family, occasionally bringing in others on a job if needed. We value you and your family and it shows in how we conduct our business. Brenham is a tight-knit community that we are proud to serve and be a part of. We serve Brenham and Washington County, plus the counties within a 75-mile radius such as Austin, Fayette, Waller, and Brazos Counties.

Call RZ Earthworx for your land enhancement services and projects. We will come out for a consultation and create a plan for your project.