Land Clearing And Enhancement Services

We Are Committed To Your Project

We are a skilled family team in property enhancement. Our company is young but we have been working on our own property and honing our skills for years. We make it a point to include our family in our business and we would like to help your family attain their own land goals.

Maybe you have been waiting to build the barn or pond you have wanted on your property, and now is the time. We offer free consultations, so give us a call for any property project you have.

RZ Worx Hard On Your Property

Our family has many property project specialties that we are ready to implement on your land. If you are ready to get your projects started, call us for a free consultation and we will talk through a construction plan and timeline with you.

We can clear your land of trees and brush for a better view and can also lay the foundational building pad for future barns or other structures. Our RZ family is here for your Washington County land services.

Improving Water Drainage

If you are having trouble with water pooling up dangerously close to your home or other buildings, we can re-route the water flow to avoid potential water damage. Water damage to a building can be devastating and this is not something you want to take your chances with.

Erosion Control

Another problem some people experience with their land is erosion. Heavy rainfall and other factors can cause your land to erode. If you notice that the land is shifting near a building on your property, call us to talk about potential solutions. 

Land Clearing

Trees and thick brush can make your property difficult to manage. Deeply wooded areas grow out of control quickly, and we are here to help you with that. Our family has helped many other families create land clearings for various uses. If you want to set up a playground for your children on your family or if you are wanting to clear more land for livestock, we can get the project completed for you, for any reason you may have.

Road Smoothing

Road smoothing is another of our skills. We have the equipment and construction experience to smooth roads for you, whether it is the driveway of your property or a country road nearby.


Each excavation project looks different, but we have the tools, experience, and equipment to complete a wide variety of excavation projects. If you are looking to rebuild your barn or shop call us for a consultation. We can talk through the different excavation options and even lay down a new building pad for your rebuild.

Pond Repair And Digging

Our excavator equipment is perfect for pond work. We can dig a new pond on your property or we can improve your current pond. If you have a small livestock pond in need of expansion, we are the perfect team for the job.

Laying Building Pads

We are equipped with the proper equipment and knowledge to lay the most foundational part of any building, the building pad. If you are building your own barn but don’t have the equipment or experience to lay a professional building pad, we can make it happen for you. Our goal is to help you get your land functioning the way you need it to, and if you need the foundation for a new building, whether it is a barn or a shop, we have the right equipment for it.

Professional Advice

Our family team has a lot of experience and a lot of professional advice to offer you. You may know you want a pond, but are unsure where the most aesthetically pleasing or most useful place to put it is. We can help you decide on a strategic location for your pond, land clearing, or building pad.

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Call RZ Earthworx For Your Next Land Enhancement Project

We are the perfect team for the job. We value your time and our family values run deep. With RZ Earthworx, you can always know that we are working hard to complete your project in a timely manner. The faster your project is complete, the faster you can enjoy the product and your improved property. 

Call us for a free consultation and work with a skilled construction team. We can’t wait to work on your Washington County property.