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Excavation And More With RZ Earthworx in Brenham, TX
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RZ Earthworx has a wide range of land services and is ready to start your project. The beauty of owning land is often the most annoying part of owning land. It requires work and cultivation to look good and stay under control. Without working on the land, it can quickly become overgrown with weeds and erosion can become a problem. 

We offer our land services to help you keep your property looking beautiful. We can fix water drainage issues, offer our advice on pond or structure placement, control erosion issues, repair or dig ponds, clear land, smooth roads, build concrete pads for barns and structures, and complete excavation projects.

Your Project Is Our Passion

RZ Earthworx is passionate about your project. We get to do what we love while creating your ideal layout on your property. Whether you have 10 acres or 1000, we are equipped to handle all scales of projects.

Our focus is on your vision for your property, and we work hard to get it exactly how you want it. We listen to your needs and work with you to create a plan for your project. Once we lay out a plan and agree on a price and timeline, we begin construction.

We can enhance the look of your property and make it more functional. If you want a new structure on your property, we can lay the building pad and make sure that erosion prevention measures are taken. 

Our family construction team is eager to get started on your next project. While we are still a young construction company, we are not lacking in experience. Our family has been cultivating and enhancing our own land for many years, and we are ready to tackle your project next.

We Work On All Projects-Big And Small

We work on all kinds of projects, both big and small and everything in between. If your project is on a large scale, we bring out the big heavy machinery to get it done. 

We have worked on many large-scale projects. We dig large and deep ponds for whatever you may need it for, whether you want to build a pond for your own private fishing or for your livestock, we keep digging until we are confident we have completed your project.

We are also happy to complete your smaller projects. Even some projects that seem small require heavy machinery. We can remove old fence posts in a matter of minutes with our machinery.

High-Quality Service And Tools

The right tools make all the difference. Combine the proper equipment with our high-quality standard of service, and you get a job well done. We execute projects within the time agreed upon, with the exception of weather delays. We have a great track record when it comes to timeliness and quality of work.

Our equipment is specialized for each job, and they allow us to complete your project quickly and efficiently. 

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Free Estimates On Expert Land Worx

We can do everything from building and repairing country roads to a full construction project for things like a base building pad for a barn. Whatever your project, we can work with you to get it done. 

Call RZ Earthworx for a free consultation. We can talk about current projects and your overall goals for your land in the future. We offer great advice on improving your views and improving your functionality. RZ Earthworx is ready to get started on your project, give us a call and we will take it from there. 

Brenham, TX has a great team of professionals ready to help you with any of your property projects. Call for a free consultation to see how we can improve your property.